Burton is right & Gavin is right to quote him. Nobody cares about decentralization (d14n) as a final goal. What people care about is nobody stopping them doing what they want to do with THEIR money so don’t buy BCore’s d14n is everything narrative. Adequate d14n is just a tool for unstoppable cash : btc

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Check out the Amazon Bitcoin Cash USA store on OpenBazaar : btc

Here is the OpenBazaar link (copy and paste this bad boy into your OB address bar): ob://QmY1jBtr54t2T929RuDt24MLRFxjacQzHVmz5z8yxzVg3P/store I just successfully received my first 3 orders from them. The vendor asked me what else I’d like to see from Amazon available on the store, and he added the items immediately. My 4th package is on its […]

Project to Build Satoshi Statue Gains Support in Kiev

Featured An initiative to erect a monument of Satoshi Nakamoto in Ukraine’s capital is gaining momentum and support. The idea is to place the statue right where the red Karelian stone figure of Lenin used to stand, before it was taken down almost five years ago. The project is said to be part of a […]

Six Japanese Public Companies Plan to Launch Crypto Exchanges

Exchanges This week, a number of companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange revealed their plans to enter the crypto exchange business. They include one of the most popular budget-managing app operators, an entertainment conglomerate, one of the largest music labels, and a medical corporation. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Money […]

Lets talk about exactly what it would take to bring a bitcoin implementation up to Visa standards. : btc

Lots of talk about VISA vs bitcoin so I figured I’d do some napkin math and see exactly how they’d compare if they were equal. Using info from https://www.bitcoinplus.org/blog/block-size-and-transactions-second 2020 transactions per 1MB block 3.73 transactions per second for 1MB blocksize assuming 10 minutes per block Visa is 24000 transactions per second 6435 MB needed […]

331 High-Income Traders Declared Crypto Profits in Japan

Taxes The Japanese tax authority has for the first time revealed the number of high-income taxpayers who declared cryptocurrency profits in the year 2017. Out of the total number of taxpayers with miscellaneous income of 100 million yen or more, excluding public pension, 60% of them reported income from crypto transactions. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms […]

Bchpls.io Enables Free Bitcoin Cash Point-of-Sale Platform

Reviews There’s a new Point-of-Sale (PoS) service the Bitcoin Cash community has been talking about called, Bchpls.io, an app that enables any brick n’ mortar merchant to accept BCH with just two devices by providing a customer screen, and a cashier view. Bchpls is currently in open beta which means the public can test the […]