Once-approved VNs threatened on Steam

Nerves are a little frayed across the visual novel development scene, as Valve have apparently issued warnings to several developers and publishers, threatening to remove their games from Steam unless they are edited to remove ‘pornographic content’. The largest confirmation of this comes from prolific VN publisher MangaGamer, who have received several of these notices, […]

Sleep Tight listed for July 13 release on Switch

Based on a new listing from the North American eShop, Sleep Tight appears to have a release date. The game is currently scheduled for July 26 on Nintendo’s console. Sleep Tight is a twin-stick shooter with base-builder elements. It was developed with We Are Fuzzy, which is filled with some interesting talent. The team includes […]

The making of Minit: how constraints led to an indie gem

“So we kind of said this is a one time thing. We’re all coming together to work on this one project.” That sentiment is very much the spirit of Minit itself. The adventure game where you’re stuck in a loop and each life lasts sixty seconds is all about doing as much as you can […]

Prey’s lunar DLC teased with Steam achievements and coded message

By Shabana Arif, Friday, 18 May 2018 20:51 GMT Prey’s Steam achievements have been updated with a reference to the teased lunar DLC. Heading over to the Steam achievements page, you’ll be greeted with a whole new list of cheevos that reference R.E.M.’s Man on the Moon, continuing the lunar theme that’s been leading players […]

RTS/Deckbuilder Prismata free weekend | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Prismata is a bit of a hard sell because I can’t think of any other strategy game quite like it. It looks and controls like a Magic: The Gathering inspired card game, but flows like an RTS, and while you do gradually expand your construction options between matches, there’s no randomly drawn booster packs or […]

State of Decay 2 Co-op Gameplay Video

Zombie survival adventure State of Decay 2 lurches on to PC next Tuesday – though it’s out today for those who ordered the Ultimate edition – and Brendan kindly put aside his endless shopping trips to help me test co-op mode. Opt for a multiplayer session and you appear as visiting survivors in the host’s […]

For Honor’s Season Six update is out now • Eurogamer.net

Melee-focussed multiplayer brawler For Honor’s sixth season of content is now live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, bringing with it a new limited-time event, hero overhauls, and more. Top of Season Six’s additions, however, is the new map, Beachhead – a picturesque “grand fortress of solitude and respite” that’s built into a mountain. “Invaders […]